What is Tree Surgery, and When do Trees Need it?

One of the first questions we often hear is, what is tree surgery?

To put it simply, tree surgery is a practice within the management, maintenance, study, and care of trees. Arborists and professional tree surgeons focus on individual trees and help keep trees healthy through various methods.

Consult with a local top-notch tree trimming service in Golden, CO, to see if your trees need care, preventative maintenance, or other tree care services.

Basics of Tree Surgery

While no two situations are the same and different species of trees require different services, these are some common reasons why you may call a professional tree surgeon to inspect a tree. Here are some answers to the question, “what is tree surgery?”.

Reducing the size of a crown

This process makes the overall canopy of a tree smaller and can help reduce the risk of property damage. It includes removing dead branches and deadwood while pruning cross branches. It also reduces the risk of exposure to disease.

Lifting the crown

Removing lower branches causes the canopy to rise and allows more sunlight to reach through the branches exposing lower branches and leaves.


Tree felling is less straightforward than many home and business owners believe. It involves multiple steps to ensure a tree is brought down safely and does not damage property or cause injury. Depending on the location and species of the trees that need felling, it will require dismantling them in pieces and bringing them down in a controlled way. If a tree needs felling or removal, you should bring in a professional tree service to avoid significant harm or damage.

Root and stump removal and grinding

After safely felling a tree, it’s time to remove the stump and root system. Grinding the stump down leaves the surrounding earth undisturbed, while root and stump removal will cause a significant hole. Explore your options with a professional tree service if you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard.


Pollarding involves removing all limbs and branches, leaving only the trunk and major limbs, which causes the tree to stimulate new growth. This is a process adapted from woodland management programs to arboriculture. It leaves a tree with a much more manicured appearance.


This process involves removing dead or unnecessary branches and allows for healthy growth and development. It can help reduce the risk of a tree developing a harmful disease or a dead branch from destroying property. This is especially crucial for tall trees, which can fall on your property and cause injuries.

Whether you want to enhance your landscaping or remove a dead tree, our team has a solution tailored to your needs. We understand the unique tree species of our region and can help you plan your next project.

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