Four Problems Facing Trees in the Summer Season

Trees are a marvelous thing to have in your garden during the summer as they provide shade and comfort and help cool down your outdoor spaces. However, trees in the summer season need extra TLC if you want to keep them healthy.

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Here are four problems commonly found in trees in the summer season.

1. Heat Stress

When temperatures rise during the summer, you’ll notice that your trees suffer because of the intense heat. Some of the signs of this include:

  • Wilting and drooping branches and leaves
  • Yellowing or browning of leaves
  • Leaf margin scorching 

Some types of trees are more susceptible to heat stress than other species. For example, high temperatures affect deciduous trees more easily. Without proper maintenance, the leaves from deciduous trees will quickly wilt and drop off under a hot sun. 

2. Lack of Moisture

If you live in an area with hot, dry summers, your trees experience heat and drought stress. Most tree species will not fare well under drought conditions, so if you experience drought regularly, it’s best to choose drought-tolerant species like oaks or cedars.

Drought stress shares many of the same symptoms as heat stress, such as wilting leaves and branches and browning leaves. Tree pruning is one way to help support trees suffering from either drought or heat stress. Pruning removes dead or diseased branches and leaves and helps the tree conserve its available nutrients. 

3. Increased Attacks from Pests and Pathogens

Summer can be difficult for trees because the lack of moisture and heat stress makes them more susceptible to attacks from pests and pathogens. Diseases like rust and canker, for example, are commonly found in oak trees. Insect pests such as bark beetles and wood borers chew through tree trunks to lay their eggs inside the tree.

It is important to note that pests and pathogens often work in tandem when infecting a tree. Insect pests usually create wounds or entry points into tree roots or bark, allowing pathogenic organisms to enter and infect the tree system. 

4. Premature Leaf Fall

Trees in the summer season experiencing heat or drought stress usually display premature leaf dropping. The leaves will discolor (i.e., turn from green to yellow or brown) and drop from branches early. Since premature leaf fall indicates insufficient nutrient intake, tree pruning helps prevent premature leaf fall by removing dying or dead leaves. 

You must prune trees correctly. If you prune incorrectly, you can accidentally kill a weak tree! This is why getting expert pruning services from an experienced and licensed tree pruning company is crucial. 

Get the Best Care for Your Trees with Arbor Pro Tree

The four problems above are commonly found in trees in the summer season, but they don’t have to be death sentences for your tree! Contact Arbor Pro Tree at 303-935-0005 to learn more about our tree care services in both the summer and dormant seasons. You can also find out which bugs can kill trees from our licensed technicians. 

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