Fire Mitigation

Expert Fire Mitigation Services in Denver, CO

Fire mitigation is an important part of tree, shrub, and landscaping care. Trees and shrubs grow continuously, and as they grow, the leaves, needles, and limbs fall to the ground. In order to create a fire gap between your trees and your home, annual maintenance is required. Colorado is known for higher fire dangers than other states, due to the intensity of the sun, wind, and dry conditions present throughout the year. The damage that wild fires in Colorado have caused in recent years has brought to light just how vital it is to take advantage of fire mitigation services. Ensure you are taking the important steps to protect your home and land by calling Arbor-Pro Tree Experts for your fire mitigation needs.

We can help you prepare for a fire event by performing the following fire mitigation services:

  • Thinning Trees of Brush
  • Removing Dead Limbs, and Leaves
  • Cleaning the Roof and Gutter
  • Pruning Branches Near the Ground
  • Trimming Branches Away from the Roof of Your House

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At Arbor Pro, we are your friendly neighborhood tree experts, and our goal is to assist you in preserving the life and health of your trees and shrubs. If you have trees with dead limbs, they can present a fire and health hazard to your property and those who occupy it. As part of fire mitigation, we can thin your trees to reduce their density, and remove any dead or dying limbs to protect your property, reduce the risk of fire damage, and promote the health of your tree population.

In addition to establishing a fire gap to protect your home, many home fires can be sparked by burning embers that land on roofs. At Arbor Pro, we know that is important to keep combustible material off your roof and out of your gutters, and we offer comprehensive fire mitigation services to make sure your home is not at risk. If you need assistance clearing your roof or gutters from dead leaves, twigs, or other debris, our experienced team can assist you and provide a free professional estimate for any other fire mitigation services, annual maintenance, or other work we feel should be done to preserve the health and strength of your trees and the safety of your property and its residents.

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Our goal at Arbor-Pro Tree Experts is to be the best quality tree care company at a reasonable price. Call us today for a free estimate. You will be treated with fast, friendly, and expert tree service.

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