Plants need fuel to live, and the fuel is known as fertilizer.

Plants, like people, need proper nutrition. However, in the plants' case the nutrition comes from the Soil. Thus, techniques like deep root fertilization for trees are good ways to provide the proper nutrients to your plants. Additional important aspects include organic matter and adjusting the pH levels of the soil. With these options and multiple others, Arbor-Pro Tree Experts offer plant, shrub and tree fertilization service to evaluate the soil and provide you with the best results.

Know Your Soil, and You Will Know the Fertilizer to Use

An Intense Soil Management Program in which we research the Soil to determine the optimal Fertilizer for your Soil as well as your Trees and Shrubs is available.  

Environment Affects a Fertilizer

Arbor-Pro Tree Experts offer multiple blends of fertilizer for your plants. We use slow-release nitrogen to feed your plants over time while reducing effects such as leaching and runoff, yet promoting the environment of your plants. Call Arbor-Pro Tree Experts and we’ll assist you with the health of your landscaped plants with our shrub and tree fertilization service.

Did You Know A Healthy, Well-fertilized Tree With A Strong Root System Is Less Susceptible To Insects And Pests Damage, And More Resistant To Disease And Nutrient Deficiencies?

Drought conditions in the Denver area over the past several years caused considerable damage to both young and mature trees. If left untreated, a tree could die and become a hazard and/or an eyesore. 

According to the Colorado State University Extension, some indicators your tree roots are in distress include yellow leaves, reduced growth, and branch dieback. Mushrooms or conks around the tree bottom and a white fungus located under the bark are also symptomatic of suffering roots. Don’t wait until your roots are in jeopardy before you call for tree fertilization service. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Preventative maintenance is easier and cheaper than treating problems after they arise. Yearly deep root fertilization for trees, in early Spring or late Fall, can greatly improve the hardiness and increase the longevity of your valued tree. It will also green up your canopies, giving your trees a more vibrant appearance. Contact us today at (303) 935-0005 to set up an appointment for our expert plant, shrub and tree fertilization service.