Planting Trees in the Fall

Please note, Arbor Pro Tree Experts does not plant trees.

Fall presents an ideal opportunity to plant new trees for several reasons. Here are some key advantages:

  • The cooler temperatures in fall are beneficial for tree planting. The warm soil from summer encourages root growth, while the cooler air reduces stress on the young trees.
  • Fall typically brings more consistent rainfall, which helps newly planted trees establish themselves.
  • Planting trees in fall allows them the entire winter season to focus on root development before the demands of spring growth start. This early start enhances their chances of thriving in the upcoming growing season.
  • Nurseries often offer discounts on trees in the fall to clear out inventory before winter, making it a cost-effective time to invest in new greenery.

Overall, planting trees in the fall sets them up for success and ensures a strong start for years to come.

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