How Much Water Do New Trees Need?

Trees are sought-after property highlights that many home and business owners want to bring to their space. However, most quickly realize they don’t know how to care for young trees and eventually ask themselves, “how much water do new trees need?”

The tree services offered by Arbor Pro Tree Experts in Arvada, CO, ensure that you can leave those tricky questions to the professionals. However, if you want to care for your plants yourself, the following guide will show you the amounts of water you need through each stage of your tree’s growth.

Before Planting

While young trees eventually grow into vital, drought-resistant structures, they’re sensitive in the early stages and won’t reach that potential without gentle, thorough care. Most trees need water before you even plant them for proper, healthy growth, and keeping the rootball moist before putting it in the soil ensures that growth.

There isn’t an exact amount of water you should give your tree sapling before putting it in the ground; just ensure the soil beneath the rootball doesn’t dry out.

Immediately After Planting

Young trees need the most attention for the first three months they’re in the ground. While most only need two inches of water a week, you must hydrate them every two days to keep the growing root system moist.

Though this regularity can be too demanding for busy plant owners, an automatic irrigation system will water newly planted trees for you.

Months After Planting

We’ve looked at watering recommendations for young trees before and immediately after planting, but how much water do new trees need after they’ve developed for a few months? While there isn’t an exact number, hydrating your tree once per week and giving it two gallons of water for every inch in diameter of the trunk should keep it in good shape. 

Shift to this watering schedule after three months and stick to it until the tree’s roots have fully grown.

Important Watering Tips

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how much water do new trees need?” we can look at the best ways to water trees and where to plant them for optimal results. As a rule of thumb, most tree experts recommend that you water your trees a few feet away from the trunk, regardless of age. 

Where you plant your tree has as significant an impact on how much water it receives as what areas you hydrate. For example, if you grow your tree on a hill, most of the water you provide will roll away before it can soak into the root system.

Professional Tree Care in Arvada, CO

Even when you know how to care for your growing trees in theory, actually delivering the care they need is more challenging than it sounds. So if you’re still asking, “how much water do new trees need?” skip the hard labor and call Arbor Pro Tree Experts today. We provide everything you need to keep your young trees in perfect condition. 

Call Arbor Pro Tree Experts today at (303) 935-0005 for a free estimate or to learn more about tree care, including spotting the signs of tree diseases.

Our goal at Arbor-Pro Tree Experts is to be the best quality tree care company at a reasonable price. Call us today for a free estimate. You will be treated with fast, friendly, and expert tree service.

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