Denver Tree Removal: Top 5 Things You Should Know

Do you know enough about your city's tree removal and pruning laws? You should know whether the tree is located on private property, and much more. Before you mess with your trees, check on your local government page to find specific rules for your area, or you could end up owing thousands.

Are you looking for Denver tree removal services? Check out some of these basic things you should know before you hire the right company for your needs.

Denver Tree Removal and Pruning Tips

If you're thinking of pruning or removing a tree on what you think is your land, make sure you know exactly which it is before you begin. If it's in the public right-of-way adjacent to your property, follow certain regulations pertaining to their management. Let's take a look:

1. Get a Permit

Before removing trees in the right-of-way (between curb and sidewalk), you need to obtain a permit from the City Forester. They're important for social, economic, and environmental reasons. If you have a pest problem, see our Insect and Disease Control Lakewood, CO page.

2. You Could be Fined Thousands of Dollars

These trees not only bring beauty and well-being to the neighborhood, but they can be worth thousands of dollars. The Denver city code says removing one without permission is breaking the law and owes Denver compensation. The amount is up to the City Forester. 

3. Follow Safety Rules

You can most likely remove one from your property without a permit. But, if that property is under construction or being demolished, there are different rules. Trees on the setbacks shall be preserved and protected for the duration of the work.

When searching for "Tree Removal Lakewood, CO" or "Tree Trimming and Pruning Lakewood, CO," you'll find Arbor Pro Tree is trusted, and we know the laws inside and out. Avoid being sued by a neighbor or the city. Removing trees yourself can be dangerous.

4. Tree Pruning May Damage Tree

To have tree pruning done to the city's specifications, look for Arborist Consulting Lakewood, CO on our website. Follow industry standards when pruning trees on private property and right-of-way areas. If you top or prune a tree on an adjacent right-of-way area and damage it irreparably, the City Forester might ask for reimbursement for the value of that tree.

5. Stump Grinding is Not Only for Beauty

Stump removal experts in Denver can take care of your problem. Removing them makes your lawn safer and more attractive to potential homebuyers. Don't burn the stump before checking our Fire Mitigation Lakewood, CO section. We also do shrub and bush care in Lakewood, CO and tree fertilization in Lakewood, CO.

Stay Safe When Caring for Trees

Let the trained professionals prune or remove trees. It's a dangerous job, and also takes knowledge of the tree as a complex organism. There are certain techniques that should be followed to protect the health of the tree. Protect yourself and the trees and hire a professional or obtain a license for Denver tree removal and care.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can quickly and conveniently remove or care for the trees near you.

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