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Browse some of the letters and e-mails Arbor-Pro Tree Experts received from our satisfied customers. We want you, our potential customer, to read some of the favorable comments our customers have said about us in order to help you choose us as your preferred company!

"Very fast, very quick, and VERY clean. Did what they said they would do. I can't expect more than that."
-Ken S.-

"Work was promptly completed. Follow up in answer to some questions also prompt and courteous."
-David C.-

"They come to give an estimate on cost and complete work order and cleanup. Have always done the job exactly as quoted."
-Chas B.-

"These people did a terrific job and at a competitive rate. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."
-Marilyn M.-

"We had a critical situation with a damaged tree, under extreme winter weather conditions. Arbor-Pro removed the damaged tree before severe property damage could occur."
-Jonathan L.-


Arborist tree meadow

Arbor-Pro Tree Experts has been in business since 1983, and we happily served our customers in the Denver Metro Area for the past 29 years.

   Our experienced team of skilled professionals provide expert Tree and Shrub Pruning, Removal, and Plant Health Care Services. When you consider to improve the appearance of your property and add to the value of your business or residence, please contact Arbor-Pro Tree Experts Company.

   Our goal at Arbor-Pro Tree Experts is to provide you the best quality Tree Care at a reasonable price. Call us today for a Free Estimate. You will be treated with Fast, Friendly Service. 

   All our Equipment is New, and we are fully Licensed and Insured. Arbor-Pro Tree Experts practices being green. Our company recycles all wood and green waste. We also offer wood chips free to our customers and individuals.

We provide the following services:

Consulting Services

Arbor-Pro Tree Experts strives to provide our customers with the proper education about Arbor Services.

Fertilization Services

A plant, similar to people, needs proper nutrition. However, in the plants' case the nutrition comes from the Soil. 

Fire Mitigation Services

Fire Mitigation is an important part of Tree and Shrub Care. In order to create a fire gap between your trees and your home annual maintenance is required.

Insect and Disease Control Services

Arbor-Pro Tree Experts start at the beginning with Plant Health. We use optimal Soil Conditions and Pruning to assist in Insect and Disease Control. 

Shrub and Bush Care Services

Bushes and Shrubs should be Trimmed regularly to provide proper growth and development.

Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding is an optional part of tree removal, yet absolutely necessary in some cases.

Tree Removal Services

If you think a Tree may need removed, please Contact Us for a free hazard or health assessment. 

Trimming and Pruning Services
Flowering trees are often Trimmed or Pruned before early Fall or after the tree has finished blooming so the full extent of the blossoms may be enjoyed.

Tree Spraying Services

Tree Spraying, also known as Follar Spraying, reduces the Insect population. 

Firewood for Sale
It is time to warm up with a cord of Firewood from Arbor Pro! We can help lower your heating bill this season.


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Arbor-Pro Tree Experts provide these coupons for additional savings. In addition to excellent services, we also offer competitive prices. Return often to see our current offers. Find the coupons listed below:

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 Arbor-Pro Coupon for 10% off


Coupon and specials cannot be combined with other special offers.


   Did you know a healthy, well-fertilized tree with a strong root system is less susceptible to insects and pests, and more resistant to disease and nutrient deficiencies?

   Drought conditions in the Denver area over the past several years caused considerable damage to both young and mature trees. If left untreated, a tree could die and become a hazard and/or an eyesore. 

   According to the Colorado State University Extension, some indicators your tree roots are in distress include yellow leaves, reduced growth, and branch dieback. Mushrooms or conks around the tree bottom and a white fungus located under the bark are also symptomatic of suffering roots. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Preventative maintenance is easier and cheaper than treating problems after they arise. Yearly deep root fertilization, in early Spring or late Fall, can greatly improve the hardiness and increase the longevity of your valued tree. It will also green up your canopies, giving your trees a more vibrant appearance. 

    Call our office or request a FREE ESTIMATE today to receive an evaluation of your property and give your trees that extra boost they need.


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