3 Deep Root Fertilization Benefits in the Winter

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Deep root fertilization is when the tree's roots receive a high-pressure injection of nutrients. This concentrated fertilization reaches the roots directly, allowing the tree to absorb more minerals. Supplemental fertilization provides the extra nourishment your tree needs to remain healthy all winter long.  

#1. Deep Root Fertilization Is More Accurate Than Other Fertilizers 

Deep root fertilization provides more benefits than pellet and stake fertilizers. Stake and pellet fertilizers are spread unevenly over the soil, often leading to varying nutrients. These fertilizers only reach the surface, covering a limited area. 

However, deep root fertilization is injected precisely where you want it and provides the most nourishment to the root. 

#2. Can Be Adjusted to Meet Your Tree's Exact Needs

Each tree is unique and requires different amounts of nutrients to stay healthy. In addition, the age and current health of the tree are factors to consider when deciding the nutrient levels and timing for deep root fertilization. 

Deep root fertilization allows you to customize the various types of minerals based on what your tree is lacking, giving it the best chance to grow and stay healthy. 

#3. Tree Absorbs Nutrients Quicker

Deep root fertilization penetrates the soil, allowing the tree to absorb the minerals much faster than other fertilizers. Because it is a liquid, it delivers the essential nutrients directly to the roots and is less likely to be washed away from rain and other natural elements. 

Signs Your Tree Would Benefit From Deep Root Fertilization

Some common signs that your trees have nutrient deficiencies and could benefit from deep root fertilization are: 

  • No annual growth
  • Unusually small leaves
  • Limited floral output or foliage
  • Light green or yellow leaves
  • Tips of branches are beginning to die
  • Dead spots on the leaves 

Staying up-to-date on deep root tree fertilization ensures that your trees continuously receive and maintain the nutrient levels needed to grow robust and healthy. Having your trees fertilized in late fall ensures that they continue to receive the nutrition they need throughout the winter months. 

Why You Should Consider Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization benefits your trees in many ways. It enhances the soil conditions surrounding your tree and increases the nutrients that help the tree thrive. It helps to diminish yellow leaves and restores the health of blooms. Plus, your trees will become fuller and more appealing. 

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