6 Aesthetic Trees To Improve Your Property’s Visual Impact

Your home’s yard creates a major first impression on visitors. Therefore, you must ensure your home’s visual appeal is as enticing as possible. One of the most effective ways to achieve a beautiful natural setting is by planting aesthetic trees. 

If you haven’t planted any trees yet, Arbor Pro Tree Experts can help. This leading Arvada, CO, expert tree service company recommends the following trees to improve your property’s appearance. 

Dogwood Tree

A dogwood tree will add visual interest to your yard throughout the year. It produces plenty of white, pink, and red flowers during spring. In summer, it boasts a flourishing canopy of foliage. 

Most dogwood varieties exhibit red foliage in the fall before shedding leaves to display a stunning branching in the winter. You can find dogwood variety for virtually any zone in the United States. This species is one of the country’s most popular flowering trees. 

Oak Trees 

Many homeowners prefer long-lived oaks for their landscapes. That’s because of their huge, rounded spread and eye-catching fall foliage colors. These trees also can support more life forms than any other tree species in North America. 

Black Tupelo

Black Tupelo produces small, bluish-black fruit that ripens in autumn. When ripe, these fruits attract various species of wildlife and birds to your yard. 

During the fall, the tree exhibits spectacular shades of purple, yellow, scarlet, and bright red leaves. As the tree ages, the trunk develops a bark that looks like an alligator hide. 

Sugar Maple

A list of aesthetic trees with incredible aesthetic impacts cannot be complete without Sugar Maple. This species is an excellent option to add fall color to your property. 

Sugar Maple can grow up to 75 feet tall with a spreading canopy that looks spectacular in autumn. If you’re looking for a tree that provides both shade and natural beauty, you can’t go wrong with Sugar Maple. 

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle is another popular ornamental tree that can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. It ranges in height from two to 25 feet. So, it can perfectly fit in your yard regardless of size. 

During the spring and summer, Crape Myrtle produces vibrant blossoms in various colors. These colors include deep red, lavender, dark or light pink, and shades of white. The leaves of some varieties are red or purple in the fall. 


Magnolia is another tree that can significantly improve your property’s curb appeal. While these trees are slow-growing, they can grow up to 80 feet high. The branches produce large white blossoms in the spring. 

The flowers grow and emit a sweet fragrance between May and June. The leaves develop a glossy, deep green color during the summer. 

Professional Tree Care

You can choose any of these aesthetic trees depending on your aesthetic preference. It is advisable to work with a reputable arborist like Arbor Pro Tree to ensure the best results. 

Call Arbor Pro Tree Experts Co. Inc. today at (303) 935-0005 for a free estimate. We can also guide you on correct tree density and how much water trees need

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