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Tree Spraying in Denver & Lakewood

Tree spraying Denver

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Tree Spraying, also known as Follar Spraying, reduces the Insect population. Three types of follar sprays include Insecticide, Fungicide, and Bactericide. All are deemed effective once they have dried, which takes about 15 - 20 minutes.


 IPS Beetles or Bark Beetles vs Tree Spraying

Insecticides are used as drenching preventive sprays on the trunks and larger branches of Trees. Application of the insecticides should be completed prior to adult beetle infestation for best results. Keep in mind overwintering beetles begin emerging in Spring as soon as daytime temperatures consistently reach 50-60°F. Nevertheless, timing may be difficult to determine since IPS Beetles can have multiple, overlapping generations and life cycles. Adult Beetles were observed entering trees during warm days as early as late February on through November. Due to this extended activity, two treatments in early Spring and Summer may be necessary to protect trees while high-risk conditions exist.

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